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VIP Garage Sales
8 years ago in Announcement Feature
We are excited to announce a new feature called VIP garage sales.
The VIP stands for Very Important Post and the garage sales with VIP status will be... continue reading

Filter Garage Sales by the Day of the Week
8 years ago in Feature
We updated the garage sales filter option and we think this is much better. continue reading

Early Birds OK?
8 years ago in Blogging
What does "early birds OK" mean in our garage sales listing? This might sound obvious to most of you but you might be surprised to find out... continue reading

Annual Bulk Fee at Orangetown Drop-Off Center
8 years ago in Rockland News
As of this writing, there's $25 Annual Bulk admission fee at the Orangetown Drop-Off Center for acceptable materials (BTW, fee is not applicable for Green Wastes).
But did you know that... continue reading

Small Things Do Make Differences
8 years ago in Blogging Feature
Sometimes small things do make differences, and we are excited to share our latest small enhancement to our website, which will make a difference. continue reading

Tip #1: Don't Have a Garage Sale This Weekend
9 years ago in Blogging
For crying out loud, do yourself a favor and please don't have a garage sale this weekend. In fact, it's one of the worst time to hold a garage sales so just postpone it one week! continue reading

Increased from 20 to 50 Photos
9 years ago in Website News
We are happy to announce that a registered member can now upload up to 50 photos for the garage, yard, moving, estate, bazaars, or rummage sales! continue reading

New Map Markers
9 years ago in Website News Feature
We are happy to announce yet another update to our website.
This time, the markers on the map have been updated to reflect the type of sales event! continue reading

Pick Your Day
9 years ago in Feature
It's been only 3 weeks since our website launched and it's been an amazing experience so far to share the garage sales and community events with the residents in Rockland County. Today we added a new feature that allows you to pick a day. continue reading

New Community Event added
9 years ago in Website News Feature
We are proud to announce that community event has been added to one of our posting types in order to bring awareness and to support various communities in our Rockland County. continue reading

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