Filter Garage Sales by the Day of the Week
8 years ago in Feature
We updated the garage sales filter option and we think this is much better.

The previous/old filter option looked like below, where you had the option to filter by "All remaining days", "Today only", "Tomorrow only", "FRI only", "SAT only", and "SUN only".

We thought it would be much simpler and cleaner if we just display all 7 days of the week and let you pick any given day you want to filter by.

Since we automatically remove all expired/past garage sales, you will not be able to filter on the days that have already past this week. For example, the above screenshot was taken on Thursday so "Mon", "Tue", and "Wed" filters are automatically disabled.

Hope you will like this updated feature and as always, please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements.

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"All" has been changed to "All Remaining Days"
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